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Income & Investment Planning

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There are two concepts that remain true regarding investments. The first is that risk is inherent. It’s a natural part of investing, one that’s been around since the very beginning of financial markets. The second is that every person’s investment strategy is entirely unique. Some prefer a more aggressive approach, others are more conservative.

Those concepts remain true when we’re discussing institutional investments. If you’re not familiar, this term refers to an entity that buys securities, real properties, and other kinds of investment assets. Institutional investors can include banks, hedge funds, insurance companies, pensions, REIT’s, endowments, mutual funds, and investment advisors.

When an individual enters the world of institutional investments, they need a financial advisor that’s able to craft a strategy which correctly meets their financial needs, in both the short and long-term. They also need someone with the experience and skill to recognize risk, providing upside opportunities while minimizing the downside challenges. Since 1995, the mission of Thorson Financial Estate Management has been doing precisely that. As your financial managers, we’ll leverage best-in-class investment ideas to build diversified models for both income and growth throughout your retirement.

Maintain Your Quality Of Life In Retirement

Our firm specializes in partnering with those who have retired and those preparing for retirement. We focus on investment management, tax planning, long-term care risk management and estate planning, all key areas with the goal to help ensure you maintain your standard of living during retirement and leave behind your assets to the people and organizations that matter most. For more information or to schedule a consultation, contact us online or by phone today.

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