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Revocable Living Trust Benefits

  • Avoids probate at death
  • Avoids conservatorship if you become incapacitated
  • Avoids multiple probates of property in multiple states
  • Quicker distribution of your assets to your heirs
  • Can reduce or eliminate estate taxes due at your death
  • You can change or cancel your trust during your lifetime
  • Maximizes your privacy and very difficult to contest


All Trusts, Wills, Amendments, and the like are overseen, processed, and completed by a licensed California State Bar Attorney. Thorson Financial Estate Management, Inc., ElderCare Planning, Inc., The Society for Financial Awareness, Securities America, and the employees or affiliates there of do not provide legal advice. The information provided within is for informational purposes only. No personal guarantees are expressed or implied in the information provided herein. Please consult a qualified tax or legal professional for advice.